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Our address is St Paul's Church, 64 Grove Park Road, Chiswick W4 3SB. The Parish of St Paul’s is located on the southern boundary of Chiswick, West London within the London Borough of Hounslow. 

Our vicar is Rev'd Michael Riley, and you can find his details below. If you would like to speak to Michael then he is always in the church at around 8pm on a Thursday, following our weekly 7.30pm service. He is always happy to make a special appointment to speak to anyone - a good time is often Saturday mornings.

Rev'd Michael Riley
St Paul's Vicarage,

64 Grove Park Road
W4 3SB
Tel: (020) 8987 0312

Our Pastoral and Mission Group
This group aims to offer help to anyone in the community who needs it. Some of the work we do involves visiting people at home, sorting out lifts to and from church services, welcoming visitors to the church during wedding or funerals, and supporting those in need. If you - or someone you know - needs our help, then please contact any one of us.

Michael Riley
Tel: (020) 8987 0312 

Sue Hearn
Tel: (020) 8995 2666 

Simon Surtees
Tel: (020) 8994 7391 

Jo Harry
Tel: (020) 8995 0151 

Sheila White
Tel: (020) 8994 1416 


Other Useful Contacts at St Paul's

Simon Surtees
Tel: (020) 8994 7391 Email:

Julian Tanner
Tel: (020) 8742 8016 Email:

Charlotte Mendes da Costa
Tel: (020) 8747 4633 Email:

Sue Hearn
Tel: (020) 8995 2666 Email:

PCC Secretary
Cecilia Thwaites 
Tel: 020 8747 3142 or 07817 892203 Email:

Electoral Roll Officer
Liz Abbott 
Tel: (020) 8630 9509

Sacristan, Reader Rota and Chalice Assistants
Sheila White 
Sheila organises the rota for Bible readings in church services. At present there are 28 people on the rota - and it is always nice to hear new voices! If you would like to read a lesson now and again please do talk to Sheila. We currently have 8 Chalice Assistants licensed by the Bishop to help serve Communion. 
Tel: (020) 8994 1416 Email:

Stewardship Secretary
Jackie Rayer 
Tel: (020) 8994 2188 Email:

Franklyn Gellnick


Youth Group
Bea Vickers
Tel: 07766 491766 Email:

Children's Church
Jo Harry 
Tel: (020) 8994 0151 Email:

Children's Choir
Catherine Jessop 
Tel: (020) 8995 6324


Children's Advocate
Audrey Jennings 
Tel: (020) 8994 8227

Church Hire and Isis Room Bookings
Clare Day 
Tel: (020) 8994 8851 Email:

Coffee Rota
Sandy Palmer 
Tel: (020) 8994 0111

Book Group
Shelagh Allsop
Tel: 07710 385839 Email:

Parish Magazine EditorRachel Tanner
Tel: (020) 8742 8016 Email:

Micro-Loan Foundation
Peter Ryan

Rev'd Michael Riley
St Paul's Church

64 Grove Park Road


London W4 3LR

020 8987 0312

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